Corporate Outplacement

The business and professional landscape is ever-changing. Your ability to evolve with the times isn’t only desirable…it’s essential. Success is rarely a straight-line proposition. We all encounter twists, turns and bumps as we travel our paths.

Often, these efforts result in organizational downsizing and employee separations.

The way in which an organization plans for and implements such transitions can significantly impact their continued success. A well-planned, well-executed transition can create and maintain goodwill within the company and the community. A poorly planned and executed transition can disrupt business, lower employee productivity and negatively impact future recruitment and retention efforts.

Pivot Growth Partners works as a trusted advisor to assist organizational leadership before, during and after workforce transitions. We offer assistance with workforce reduction planning, manager preparation training, on-site implementation support and employee transition assistance. The value to companies that provide outplacement services through Pivot Growth Partners include:

  • Continued focus on business goals;
  • Litigation deterrence;
  • Support for the separated employee in career transition and positive movement forward.

Pivot Growth Partners has an unmatched reputation for success in providing outplacement services to executives and professionals impacted by organizational transition; we are positioned to provide candidates with all the tools they need to make a successful career transition.

Clients receive individualized, one-on-one support and guidance. As an alternative to individual programs, we offer custom-tailored group workshops and trainings. We provide clients with superior career coaching experience, online resources and support, utilizing the latest job search techniques in assisting clients in discovering and landing their next job. We are flexible, responsive and dedicated to supporting each person’s success. Components include:

  • Notification training for managers (in person or by telephone);
  • Onsite outplacement coach presence for day of notification;
  • Job search workshops;
  • Handling the ups and downs of a job search/managing emotions;
  • Techniques for moving forward positively.
  • Career assessments geared to setting new career goals;
  • Identification of strengths, skills, values and achievements;
  • Lifelong learning–assessing marketability.
  • The current job market;
  • Job search strategies and plan;
  • Developing a personal marketing plan;
  • Effective job search skills and strategies;
  • Identification of target companies;
  • Effective networking strategies;
  • Organizing the job search;
  • Using the Internet effectively in the job search;
  • Referral to appropriate search firms/recruiters.
  • Resume development & letter writing;
  • Interview training;
  • Negotiating strategies geared to closing the deal;
  • Tips for starting the new job;
  • Online resources;
  • Individualized support services;
  • Comprehensive Career Coaching.

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