Successful, but unsure of my NEXT STEPS

You’ve worked long and hard throughout your career. Where does your path lead from here? Pivot Growth Partners equips leaders like you with tools and insights you really need to successfully travel the path you’ve chosen, adjust it as needed, or forge a new one.

Trying to MAXIMIZE REVENUE in positive ways

If you’re like most leaders, you’re pressed to achieve ever-widening organizational objectives and consistently deliver bottom-line results. Now ask yourself: Are you and your organization equipped to succeed in the short and long term? Pivot Growth Partners can help you increase profitability, achieve mission-centric goals – and do so in ways that benefit everyone involved.

Seeking to WORK SMART and ACHIEVE BALANCE in my life

All people have the inner resources they need to succeed. Yet achieving that success often means changing behaviors and embracing new ways of doing things. Pivot Growth Partners works closely with you to understand your challenges, and maximize your on-the-job output, efficiency and effectiveness—all without sacrificing your personal desires, ambitions or goals.

ASPIRING to INSPIRE those whom I lead

So many leaders make decisions with little guidance or direction. Add to that demands outside the office, and the prospect of building more effective leadership skills may seem out of reach. Our Executive Coaching programs are vigorous, highly personalized one-on-one partnerships that help you inspire others through the example of your own success.

Looking to turn business CHALLENGES into OPPORTUNITIES

In every problem lies the solution. Executive Coaching programs from Pivot Growth Partners help today’s leaders achieve their organizational objectives, inspire and facilitate growth within their organizations and members, and help them to lead fulfilling lives. We create strategic partnerships with CEOs and executives in order to fulfill their company’s vision and bottom-line results.

Executive Coaching is a unique and vigorous partnership; a personalized one-on-one intervention with the purpose of maximizing the executive’s output and effectiveness while balancing it with personal desires, ambitions and outcomes – essentially, helping another person make progress on their intentional change. Topics which may be covered include specific business projects and conditions of the business, profession, or life. Coaching skills used in the coaching relationship may include values clarification, brainstorming, identifying plans of action, asking powerful questions, and making empowering requests. Coaching focuses on the now and the future, not the past.


Client’s Role

  • Demonstrate commitment to the process in attitude and effort;
  • Take the lead to schedule meetings;
  • Be open to feedback and be honest with the coach and yourself;
  • Take action toward your own development;
  • Participate actively in the coaching experience and get what you need from the process;
  • Review developments and plans with the coach and team;
  • Transfer your learnings to others through your own role as a leader and coach.

Coach’s Role

  • Facilitate the coaching process by ask great questions – serve as a guide;
  • Listen, listen, listen and remember - take notes;
  • Be straightforward, control the conversations;
  • Trust instincts, stay centered, help interpret data;
  • “Push the envelope” – help the client to a point of discomfort, which means that real change is occurring;
  • Help the client understand the self-directed change process;
  • Earn trust from others, maintain confidentiality.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Pivot Growth Partners’ Leadership Coaching model is based on the Intentional Change Theory developed by Richard Boyatzis, distinguished author of Primal Leadership and Resonant Leadership, which develops resonant leaders using emotional and social intelligence competencies as cornerstones of the coaching techniques, processes, and concepts.

The Model

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What Clients Say

Kelly is an adept and effective human resources professional. She consistently exceeded expectations through her assistance with the recruitment and retention of high potential individuals. Her thorough approach to the hiring process is a true indication of her professionalism.

Pawan Handa
Director, Strategic Integration RDE&Q
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company