Career Coaching

Starting a career is exciting – and intimidating. Through years of experience working directly with CEOs, VPs, and managers, we at Pivot Growth Partners are uniquely qualified to help you identify and leverage your strengths in the pursuit of success.

  • Who should control your career?
  • Who should decide how you work, where you work, and the type of work you do?
  • Is it possible to chart a better course?

Career coaching services from Pivot Growth Partners will help you achieve success—however you define it.

Discover the Value of a Career Coach

Your coach will help you step out of your comfort zone and do what it takes to make your desired outcome a reality – provided that you hold yourself accountable.

Your coach will work alongside you to identify appropriate career options and help you prepare the necessary tools and steps you need to pursue that path – and succeed. This includes:

  • Customized coaching tailored to your specific needs. Each client has their own goals, values, and style; accordingly, we co-create solutions aligned to these;
  • Actionable ideas and specific tools, including recruiter lists and company identification;
  • Proven suggestions for reframing your background, experience, and career accomplishments;
  • Innovative ideas and career success strategies designed to identify and highlight your specific expertise;
  • A relationship based on safety and confidentiality;
  • Skills, values, and personality assessments that clarify your interests and skills;
  • Assistance with resume and marketing materials, marketing plans, networking, interview preparation, and negotiation strategy;
  • Enthusiastic guidance and support that helps you move forward and work through success “blocks”;
  • Professional expertise. Pivot Growth Partners is committed to continuous improvement and guarantees you the highest standards of professionalism. We are experts in our field; we do not need to be experts in yours.

Pivot Growth Partners' coaching is a robust and personal conversational process designed around your unique way of operating and how you see your way forward. For that, you should know what to expect and be ready to commit. Our coaching is an extremely valuable investment in yourself

To maximize your coaching experience, you, the client, must fully engage yourself in the process. That entails active participation, taking ownership of your goals, looking introspectively and asking yourself tough, probing questions. Specifically, we ask you to come to each coaching session prepared and ready to move ahead. Your coaching time is valuable. We recommend that you spend time preparing for the session in advance.


Got a Question About Career Coaching?

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What Clients Say

I have always been impressed by her professionalism, integrity and ability to finish the job. She is a strong leader and extremely knowledgeable about her field. At Weatherhead, she brought in fresh and creative ideas, a strategic and intentional plan, and the ability to make it all happen. I enjoyed working with her at Case and I highly recommend Regina and her services.

Kimberly (Orndorff) Paik
Assistant Director, Graduate Career Services
Case Western Reserve University