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Connecting an Organization with Everything DiSC® »

The new CFO of a medical diagnostic center and research organization found a host of communication, service, and relationship issues within the firm's 30-strong finance and accounting group. The solution to this interdepartmental crisis was a robust customer-service and change-management program built around a lunch-and-learn series, and various DiSC® analyses and tools.

Providing Common Language for International Industry using DiSC® »

A publicly-traded oil and gas industry firm with 2,000 employees was breaking under the stress of rapid growth, and experienced high turnover. Exit interviews showed that poor treatment by management was at fault. In addition to Situational Leadership ®, DiSC became a key component of all training. Excellent reviews of the program led its adoption company wide.

Re-energizing Management Skills with Everything DiSC® »

The leadership team at a nonprofit organization with 500 employees experienced communication gaps, interpersonal difficulties, and trust issues. The COO took responsibility and deployed Everything DiSC® Management firm wide, starting with himself. After following up with Everything DiSC® Comparison reports, the company has seen improvements in communications and relationships.

Solving People Problems with Everything DiSC® »

One of the 100 largest law firms in the U.S. recognized the need for additional training to ensure more effective teamwork and the successful transfer of skills to varied situations. HR started an internal pilot group on The Everything DiSC® Management Profile. A second group agreed that the program would benefit all managers and was the ideal tool to help them work better with their direct reports.

Enriching Sales Training using DiSC® and Everything DiSC® »

A U.S.-based, privately owned supplier of specialty chemicals to the oil and gas industry needed to go beyond basic sales training. Everything DiSC® Sales, and Everything DiSC® Customer Interaction Maps were folded into the existing sales curriculum, creating a sales-specific DiSC® program that mimicked the examples of sales scenarios to which their people could relate.

Using Everything DiSC® Sales in a Financial Services Company »

Jim Weaver, a trainer with a financial services company, took part in a train-the-trainer session featuring Everything DiSC® Sales. He says that DiSC® gets salespeople to see that different communication styles exist, and that those differences can be the difference between success and failure. Veteran salespeople used to question lost sales. After becoming familiar with DiSC® they say, Okay, I see it now.'

Getting Results with Everything DiSC® Sales »

A DiSC® trainer used Everything DiSC Sales to show a group of particularly extroverted salespeople that not every customer responds well to an energetic, enthusiastic approach. Salespeople learned that adapting their behavior was crucial to meeting their customers' needs and improving their results.

Save Curriculum Development Time Using Everything DiSC® Sales »

Inscape distributor Peter Thiss explains how the inherent structure and pace of Everything DiSC® Sales opens up increased time for client interaction and keeps the sessions on track. Thiss says that the appeal of Everything DiSC® Sales is its user-friendly structure combined with the powerful insights that it provides. The value of the program lies in the effective tools that participants walk away with.

Meeting New Sales Challenges with Everything DiSC® »

A 70-year-old agricultural cooperative with 200 employees and $150 million in sales had little training in the service skills arena. Instead, training focused on product knowledge. Not wishing to rest on their laurels after two years of record high sales, they sought a way to maintain their position in the market. Each of five sales teams were led through a battery of five separate Everything DiSC® tools.

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